Hansy House

This property is built on a sloping site, due to the surface water run-off from fields above, the property was built to allow water to pass underneath the building.

We did this by casting 5 separate step foundations, block work was then built above to the ground level to the highest point of the building, beam and block floor then spanned across to each wall to form the slab to build the frame off.

The next part of the build was to put up the timber frame, the frame was made off site in pre-formed panels and this work was carried out at the same time as the groundworks.

Once the groundworks were completed the frame arrived on site and was erected.

The main structure is formed in oak and this will be visible within the building where they span from the ground floor forming the A frames to support the roof, the softwood panels form the outer walls and roof completing the main structure.

The next step was to insulate all the panels before the corrugated roof , windows and doors were installed. This allowed for the internal works to begin with electrics, plumbing, plastering and carpentry etc to be carried out.

Externally the Siberian larch cladding was carried out with attention to detail and care taken to achieve the exact detail required.

Tiled floors throughout the property followed by fitted kitchen, bathrooms , decoration and finishing touches completed this project.