Portico Restoration – Penzance

This grade II listed building entrance portico had weakened over time resulting in stress cracks to its structure, attempts have been made to prolong the life of the portico using steel strapping to the tops of the columns but it was now time to replace the damaged granites.

Before we could dismantle the portico a scaffold was set up inside, this gave a safe area to work off but also supported the portico whilst we dismantled it. Once the lead and timber had been removed from the roof each piece of granite was carefully strapped, the existing steel ties removed and then lifted to ground level, this process needed a great deal of planning to ensure all involved were safe and that no damage would be caused during this process.

The granite columns and lintels then went to experienced stonemason Tim Marsh where he made new columns and lintels using Cornish granite to match the existing. During the manufacture of the new columns we proceeded to lift the granite flagstones and steps to enable us to put in new foundations.

Once the flagstones and steps had been reinstated work began to rebuild the portico using the new pieces replaced by Tim Marsh, each piece of granite went back precisely as the existing using stainless steel dowels and staples to secure it in place as add strength to the structure.

Timber joists, boards and new lead roof finished off the portico.