Grylls Monument


KPK Builders carried out the refurbishment of this Grade 1 listed monument.

The monument was erected in memory of Humphrey Millet in 1834; it is built using 196 tons of Cornish granite and has stood untouched.

The project was carried out to restore the monument to its former glory, over the years soot and exhaust fumes had discoloured the granite, finials were missing, pointing had been patched using the wrong materials and plant growth had taken root in the inner roof areas.

Our first approach was to remove all plant growth, kill off stubborn roots bedded deep into the stonework. One of the four pinnacles was 50mm out of vertical position due to a steel packer or wedge which was left in during construction, with this removed and a bed of lime mortar in place the pinnacle is now in line with the other three.

The granite was fortunately in very good condition but care was taken when cleaning it, it was decided to use a light sand blasting as this would not cause any damage but bring it back to its original state. Once cleaned the repointing was carried out using lime mortars and new granite finials fixed in place.

Asphalt was used to cover the roof area to stop moisture getting into the joints of the stonework, preventing water leaching through.

Finally to help the annual erection of the Christmas lights a galvanised steel grid was fixed in place to the inner roof giving a safe work platform for the Christmas organiser but also to aid any future maintenance to the monument.