Caerhays Northeast Tower

KPK are instructed in the repair of the Northeast Tower at Caerhays Castle.

The building is formed of two concentric cylinders, the outer one housing the stone staircase. The structure is a folly and defines the northeast corner of the formal gardens which surround Caerhays Castle.  It was probably constructed around 1820.  The detailing of the structure suggests that the inner stone circle was constructed initially and its outer casing and staircase added, probably before the initial phase was completed.

The work comprises of the re-construction, using both salvage and matching materials, of the parapet walls at high level and its surrounding walls and stabilization work, and re-pointing following a long-established pattern of cracking.  Vegetation growth at the head of the parapets had caused long-term root growth and de-stabilization of the walling, and weathering had eroded the stone steps and pointing where exposed to the prevailing weather.

The stonework and pointing and stabilization work has been undertaken by experienced stone masons using lime mortar and re-instating the existing stone wherever possible.

As part of the work, the existing and eroded and irregular steps are being repaired and an open viewing area at the top of the staircase is to be provided with discrete guarding to enable safe public access (guided).

The work started in November 2014 and is due for completion in early Spring 2015.

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