Trungle Farm

A sympathetic renovation of a farmhouse and barns.

Trungle Farm comprises of three different types of properties; we were employed for a restoration to the farmhouse, a barn conversion and a new build studio flat.

All three of these developments were carried out simultaneously.  The farmhouse started with clearing out any unwanted fixtures, removal of walls etc.  In the barn the floors were lowered and walls were underpinned.  Meanwhile the area of the studio flat was cleared and the foundation laid out.  This continued for the duration of the project, with the three buildings being progressed concurrently in order to keep to the programme.

As the rebuilding progressed, with new floors, roofs, joinery etc. there were some lovely details added – a glass wall shower, curved oak stairs.  All the joinery was hand made by our own workshop and sand blasted so that the grain in the timber would stand out and give a more textured feel to it.  The stairs leading to the mezzanine in the studio was manufactured to slide on wheels with a rail, so that they could be moved out of the way when not being used.  Towards the end of the project the driveway and patios was cobbled out with granite sets.

Throughout the project communication with the client and the architect was maintained with monthly meetings and phone conversations.  All work carried out to Trungle Farm was to a high specification, with both the client and architect, as well as KPK. All parties were well pleased with the end result.

Project details

Trungle Farm comprises of three different types of properties. All were restored, the farmhouse, the barns, and finally a new build studio flat.

Time Frame

Contract time 36 weeks

Construction methods

  • Natural Products including slate and granite
  • Lime Render
  • Cut roof
  • Bespoke Joinery, shot blasted internal joinery


Nickolas Clift Associates